Koerperkult …natuerlich

Koerperkult ...natuerlich is an owner-managed store selling sustainably produced goods such as cosmetics, body care and modern apparel.

The challenge was to create a minimal yet distinctive and at the same time somewhat playful brand identity that resonates with the assortment and unusual-unique interior.

Brand Identity

Koerperkult ...natuerlich


Art Direction
Graphic Design

Adobe Suite

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Having been commissioned with developing a visual identity for this client in summer of 2014, the project soon turned out to be experience led. Understanding the idea of creating an overall concept that includes seamless transitions between analog or digital deliverables and the experience when physically entering the store, helped to realize the necessity of elaborating the intended experience outcome for customers in the first place before even defining feature sets of these deliverables.

Despite providing precise information during the initial kick-off meeting concerning how parts of the visual identity - specifically the logo - should look like, jumping right into creation just didn't feel accurate. I realized that truly embracing the vision of the desired experience outcome and finally crafting it meant to physically visit the store myself in the course of construction, sifting through sketches and discussing the final interior design, thus extending the level of collaboration.

By first envisioning and defining the experience outcome, mutual comprehension was fostered making it easier to identify key issues in later iterations, hence leading to a satisfying result as well as matching priorly defined project goals.

After having a clear notion of the intended not so slick rustic-style store interior along with the inherent critical statement, starting off the design process with creating the logo was a reasonable move.

Inspiration was gathered from elements that relate to this intention: artless growth and decay plus naturalness in general on the one hand and artificially precipitated decline on the other.

Combining these elements allowed to create a metaphorical arc of suspense that communicates core brand values with a wink.

The final logomark pretty much evolved of its single components. With the mask being the most noticeable part, developing an array of elements and merging them afterwards turned out a success.

The goal of creating a logomark that could adapt across a variety of use cases was accomplished since scaling - be it for shop window advertising or label tags - turned out to work fine as well.


Choosing a color palette with brown as the primary color representing a rather calm down-to-earthness and red as an accent color adding just a tad of passion, preserved consistency while reflecting the brand essence.

Same goes with the choice of sans serif typefaces: the functional yet warm personalities enrich the overall impression while being legible. Furthermore, they proved to blend in nicely with the uncoated kraft paper that is used for printed matters.

Satisfying the requirement of a simple site maintainability meant to select a content management system that is both widespread and easy to learn. In this regard WordPress had the first pick while corporate typefaces were integrated via a web service.

Apart from providing basic features like contacting or using an API for map respectively location embedding, the main purpose of this minimalist onepage concept was to act as a frame for showcasing the store interior with the anchor navigation ensuring ease of use.

The solution included priorly defined requirements regarding site structure by sectioning content while displaying it in a minimalist, clear and classy manner.

The responsive fullscreen image gallery conveys an impression of the interior, assortment and customer experience when physically entering the store.

I believe this project turned out to be unusual in various ways. Not only in the sense of a rather close collaboration with the client, but also regarding the degree of attention that was paid to details during the process in order to create a seamless experience for customers.

Synchronizing our commitment and envisioning the experience outcome at first resulted in visual assets that are in line with the brand's core values while simultaneously reflecting its unique character. Getting a great customer reception on store opening verified the adequacy of this approach.

It is just more beneficial to take one step back and contemplate before jumping right into creation.

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